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It’s no secret that your business should have a website in 2022. You may have heard the phrase “Your website is the storefront to your business”, and it’s true. We have all Google searched businesses before and the first thing we do is check out their website. Websites provide the user with information about your business and the services you provide or the products that you sell. 

Here are some short and sweet facts about websites and why your website might need an upgrade.

57% Of Website Visitors Would Not Recommend A Business With A Poorly Designed Website

Poorly designed websites typically make it difficult for the user to find what they are looking for. If your website does not make it clear what you do and how you can help your visitor, users will bounce out. Which is why it is not only important to give your visitors a user-friendly experience on desktop, but on mobile as well. 

75% Of Website Visitors Judge A Company’s Credibility Based On The Business’s Website Design

Your grandma’s plastic couch covers were cool in the 80’s but you don’t see those very often anymore. Even Grandma knew it was time for an upgrade. 

Your users want to trust you and what your business has to offer. Staying up to date on market trends and having a clean website design ensures to your customer base that you are offering the best of the best.

52.64% Of Total Online Traffic Is Through A Mobile Device

This means that the way your website looks and operates on a mobile device is just as important as the way it looks and operates on a desktop. If your website is not mobile responsive or your viewers are having a hard time navigating through your website through a mobile device, you can expect a high bounce rate. 

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